Distribution packages:

The following distributions are known to package IdentiCurse, and it is recommended to use their packages rather than the tarballs, where available:
  • Fedora has a release-version package in the Fedora 14 and up repositories.
  • Debian has a release-version package in the testing and unstable repositories.
  • Ubuntu has a release-version package in the Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) repository.
  • Arch Linux's AUR has a PKGBUILD following the git tree and a release-version PKGBUILD.
  • Gentoo has a release-version ebuild under net-misc/identicurse


Latest release:

IdentiCurse 0.9 (Inverkeilor) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

Older releases:

IdentiCurse 0.8.2 (Holyhead) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.7.3 (Glastonbury) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.6.4 (Fishguard) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.5.1 (Edinburgh) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.4.1 (Dolgellau) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.3.2 (Carolina) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.2.2 (Birmingham) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

IdentiCurse 0.1 (Aberystwyth) bzip2 (md5) or gzip (md5)

Windows builds (versions 0.7.1 or higher)

Latest release:

IdentiCurse 0.8.2 (Holyhead) installer (md5) or zip (md5)

Older releases:

IdentiCurse 0.7.3 (Glastonbury) zip (md5)

OS X builds (versions 0.8.2 or higher), packaged and hosted by NewbSoftware [broken links, use the tarballs for now]

Latest release:

IdentiCurse 0.9 (Inverkeilor) package (md5)

Older releases:

IdentiCurse 0.8.2 (Holyhead) package (md5)

If you need any versions not listed above (e.g., for testing), check the release tree.

In-development version:

There is no tarball provided for the development version, though your distribution may have a package for it. If not, you can get a copy of the current development version with git, by issuing either of the following commands (the only difference is in which repo host you're getting it from):

git clone git:// identicurse

git clone git:// identicurse